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    A guild like no other you've been in before. First thing that makes us different. You don't have to be in the guild to be a member of the guild. We love all our friends and many just cant be with us for what ever reason. So we created a guild that makes it possiable to be a guild member without having to compromise your game play and friendships. We understand its your game and you should have fun in it.
    In this happy little guild we will never make you Help, Raid, Change spec, or Play your 80 toons. We understand not everyone is here to get groups some are here to hide away and be alone. We would encourage these things but never make you do them its your game play how it makes you happy.

    You are free to come and go as you please if you want to try another guild go ahead you are welcome to keep using all this guilds resources. Such as vent and our site. If you so choose to leave you may come back with no harm done. You are also free to raid with us no matter what guild you move on to.  Also you are welcome to  come back at what ever rank you left. (With in reason drama caused to get you own way that upsets the guild wont get your rank back)  Even if you don't join the guild you are still a member to us we want to keep track of all our friends, and let you know you are always welcome to be with us even if only in spirit.
    We are all friends and will be for years to come. It doesn't take a guild to love each other so if you can't tell there is an overall theme here you are WELCOME here and we want you to enjoy your game.

* Use "/join crimson" when you are not in the guild! *
Other Guild News

Akil'zon in Zul'Aman Down!

luuuunatic, May 24, 08 11:38 PM.
Starting with a partial PUG group in the afternoon, and clearing Nalorakk with them, but wiping multiple times on Akil'zon. Coming back with a full guild run at night, and after a few attempts to get the feel for the fight, we fought back and downed him. It was just a matter of getting the electrical storms right and getting people coordinated.

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Molten Core CLEARED!

luuuunatic, May 18, 08 2:57 AM.
After a full night of MC raiding, Crimson Shades has cleared all the bosses in Molten Core with a 12-man raid. :)

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539150363_Inactive, May 15, 08 10:11 PM.
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Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj CLEARED!

luuuunatic, May 14, 08 9:01 PM.
After a few hours in AQ20, Crimson Shades fully cleared Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj...

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Prince DOWN!

luuuunatic, Apr 18, 08 10:29 AM.
After quite a few frustrating bad luck drops of infernals, we managed to finally take this down as a guild. A Crimson Shades only downage of Prince Malchezaar!

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Kill List

Alive    Malygos

Alive    Sartharion

Alive    Flame Leviathan
Alive    Razorscale
Alive    Ignis the Furnace Master
Alive    XT-002
Alive    Iron Council
Alive    Algalon the Observer
Alive    Kologarn
Alive    Auriaya
Alive    Hodir
Alive    Mimiron
Alive    Thorim
Alive    Freya
Alive    General Vezax
Alive    Yogg-saron
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